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Ontario political regions: East York

To the north of the Beaches is the former borough of East York. The former borough is currently spread across three ridings; Don Valley West, Toronto--Danforth and Beaches--East York. In recent years the borough has been split up into many ridings, but not so much historically.

Until 1924, the Township of East York did not exist, it was part of the greater Township of York. In 1867, what is now East York was part of the riding of York East.


1) Jas. Metcalfe (1867-1878)
2) Alfred Boultbee (1878-1882)
3) Alexander Mackenzie (1882-1892)
4) W.F. MacLean (1892-1904)
In 1903, York East was abolished, and all of York Township fell under the new riding of York South
4) W.F. MacLean (1904-1926) continued
5) R.H. McGregor (1926-1935)

In 1933, York East is re-created, and includes the new Township of East York. By 1966, the riding and the township shared a similar area, but did not have the exact same boundaries.

5) R.H. McGregor (1935-1962) continued
6) S. Otto (1962-1972)
7) I.M. Arrol (1972-1974)
8) D.M. Collenette (1974-1979)
9) R.S. Ritchie (1979-1980)
10) D.M. Collenette (1980-1984)
11) Alan Redway (1948-1988)

In 1987, the riding was dissolved into Don Valley East, Beaches--Woodbine and Broadview--Greenwood. The majority of the area not going into one specific riding. 

Beaches--Woodbine (later Beaches-East York):
12) Neil Young (1988-1993) 
13) Maria Minna (1993-2011)
14) Matt. Kellway (2011-present)

Broadview--Greenwood (later Toronto--Danforth):
12) D.J. Mills (1988-2004)
13) J.G. Layton (2004-present)

Don Valley West:
12) J.W. Bosley (1988-1993)
13) J.F. Godfrey (1993-2008)
14) Rbt. Oliphant (2008-2011) 
15) Jno. Carmichael (2011-present)

While at 110,000, East York  has an ideal riding size, so do its constituent ridings. East York in of itself is less of a community of interest than it used to be, due to amalgamation. Don Valley West has slightly more people than average, so it might be an idea to move the neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Park into Toronto--Danforth, as it has similar demographics. That neighbourhood is separated from the rest of Don Valley West by industrial areas and railroads while it is separated from Toronto--Danforth by the Don River.

Provincial history
Until 1999, East York was divided into two ridings: Don Mills and York East. York East made up the bulk of the borough, whereas Don Mills included the area north east of Taylor Creek. For the purposes of our analysis, we will look at York East, which has been in existence since 1867:
1) H.P. Crosby (1867-1874)
2) Jno. Lane (1874-1879)
3) G.W. Badgerow (1879-1886)
4) G.B. Smith (1886-1894)
5) Jno. Richardson (1894-1904)
6) Alex. McCowan (1904-1913)
7) G.S. Henry (1913-1943)
8) A.C. Macphail (1943-1945)
9) J.A. Leslie (1945-1948)
10) A.C. Macphail (1948-1951)
11) H.E. Beckett (1951-1967)
12) A.K. Meen (1967-1977)
13) R.G. Elgie (1977-1985)
14) Christine Hart (1985-1990)
15) Gary Malkowski (1990-1995)
16) J.L. Parker (1995-1999)

Since 1999, the MPPs for Beaches--East York have been Frances Lankin until 2001 and M.D. Prue since. In Toronto--Danforth they have been Marilyn Churley until 2006 then P.C. Tabuns since. In Don Valley West they have been David Turnbull until 2003 then K.O. Wynne since.

Political geography (2008 election)
The Liberals won Don Valley West and Beaches-East York, so those were their best areas. Specifically, The Liberals had their best showing in parts of Woodbine Gardens, Crescent Town and Topham Park . The NDP did their best in the Pape Village area, which is part of Toronto--Danforth, a riding they won. However, they also won many polls in Woodbine Gardens, and even one in Don Valley West, specifically in Thorncliffe Park. The Tories had their best showing in Leaside, winning just two polls outside of that area. 


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