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Ontario political regions: Central Brampton

After having just covered East Brampton, let's move across Dixie Rd. to what I'll call central Brampton. For this analysis, we'll call the western boundary of the region as Hurontario St and Main St. and the eastern boundary of course will be Dixie Rd.

This area was in the riding of Peel, starting in 1867. At this point, Brampton was just a village, and it was located on the western boundary of this region at Queen St. This region currently covers what was then a small section of south central Chinguacousy Twp.


1) J.H. Cameron (1867-1872)
2) Rbt. Smith (1872-1878)
3) Wm. Elliott (1878-1882)
4) Jas. Fleming (1882-1887)
5) W.A. McCulla (1887-1891)
6) Jos. Featherston (1891-1900)
7) Richard Blain (1900-1917)
8) Saml. Charters (1917-1935)
9) Gordon Graydon (1935-1953)
10) J.C. Pallett (1953-1962)
11) B.S. Beer (1962-1968)

Peel was divided in 2 in 1966. This region would fall in the northern half, which would also include parts of the Counties of Dufferin and Simcoe and would be called Peel--Dufferin--Simcoe.

11) B.S. Beer (1968-1972) continued
12) J.E. Madill (1972-1974)
13) W.R. Milne (1974-1979)

As the area got more and more people, the area would be divided once again. This region would now fall into Brampton--Georgetown, which included Brampton and the community of Georgetown.

14) J.H. McDermid (1979-1988)
In 1987, the riding of Brampton was created, and it consisted of all of the City of Brampton west of Dixie Rd. 
14) J.H. McDermid (1988-1993) continued 
15) Colleen Beaumier (1993-1997)

In 1996, Brampton was divided into three. Most of this region would fall into the new riding of Brampton Centre. The area south of Steeles and west of Kennedy would fall into the riding of Brampton West--Mississauga

16) Sarkis Assadourian (1997-2004)

In 2003, most of this region would fall into the new riding of Brampton--Springdale. The area south of Vodden St and west of Kennedy Rd would fall in the riding of Brampton West. MPs for Brampton--Springdale:

17) Ruby Dhalla (2004-2011)
18) P. Gill (2011-present)

Presently, Brampton--Springdale has a population of about 140,000, which is too large for a riding. In my analysis of East Brampton, I discussed the creation of a new riding of "Bramalea--Springdale", which would take much of the excess population here. A new riding of "Brampton Centre" can be created with the remainder of the Brampton--Springdale, and can be extended into the rest of this region to the point it has enough people.

Provincial history 
From 1987 to 1999, this area was divided into Brampton North and Brampton South, the border of which was Vodden St. to Kennedy Rd to Queen St. Before that, it was in the riding of Brampton. 

Brampton was represented by W.G. Davis from 1975 to 1985 then by R.V. Callahan from 1985 to 1987. Callahan continued to represent Brampton South until 1995 when he was replaced by T.P. Clement. Brampton North was represent by J.C. McClelland from 1987 to 1995 and then by J. Spina. Since 1999, Brampton Centre was represented by Spina until 2003 and then by Linda Jeffrey who represented Brampton Centre and Brampton--Springdale since.
Political geography (2008 election)
This region was polarized between the Liberals and the Tories. The Liberals did the best in the central part of the region, between Vodden Street in the south to almost the Sandalwood Pkwy. North of this and south of Vodden is where the Conservatives won, especially in the southwest part of the region (Peel Village), which belongs to Brampton West

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