Sunday, September 5, 2010

Winnipeg North

Another by-election that will be held soon in the NDP strong hold of Winnipeg North. Winnipeg North is a working class riding on the north side of Winnipeg. It only has a minority white population, with 48% being white. It has a high Filipino population, the highest in the country with 20% of the population. Aboriginals make up much of the rest of the population at 19%. It has the highest number of first generation Canadians in the province at 35%. 32% of the population is a visible minority, which is the highest in Manitoba. It has the highest Catholic (45%) and Sikh (3%) populations in the province as well. It has the highest amount of people in the manufacturing sector in western Canada at 19%. In sum, it's a cosmopolitan, working class urban riding. Very much the perfect demographic for the NDP. In 2008, it was the second best riding for the party with 63% of the vote. The NDP won every poll except the special poll that includes members of the armed forces and incarcerated felons.

Provincially, the riding includes the provincial ridings of Inkster, part of the Maples, Burrows, part of St. John's, Burrows, part of Point Douglas and a small part of Wellington. All of these ridings voted NDP, except Inkster, which voted for Liberal leader Kevin Lamoureux (who is running in the by-election). Inkster is located in the northwest of the riding, and was part of a different riding until 2004.

More to come...

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